Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Information on Helium

1. Helium is a chemical element with the symbol ‘He’ and atomic number 2.
2. After hydrogen (symbol- H), He falls second in the list of a most common element. Helium makes up around 24% of its mass.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Nitrogen for Blanketing Purpose

To complete their industrial process several industries need to use and store chemicals that are flammable. The storage tanks of these chemicals use Nitrogen for blanketing purpose. The most important benefit of Nitrogen blanketing is that it prevents the fire or explosion of the stored chemicals. It also protects the tank against corrosion and chemical oxidation. The conventional way to purge nitrogen was reliance on the supply of nitrogen from high-pressure nitrogen tanks. These high-pressure cylinders are dangerous and extremely heavy to handle. This supply of cylinders relies on the delivery from a third party which may charge a lot. In such cases, installing on-site N2 generators to get Nitrogen for blanketing is a cost-effective and efficient option.

Industries that require Nitrogen for blanketing
  •  Petroleum Industry
  •  Food and Beverage industry
  •  Petrochemical industry
  •  Pharmaceutical industry 

Food & Beverage industry

In the food and packaging industry, food manufacturers use nitrogen blanketing for storing cooking oils, food, and fat. To increase the shelf life of the packaged food, prepare the product for transportation and for final packaging.

While using inert gases like nitrogen, strict protocols are to be followed by all workers. Protocols such as workers should not be exposed to lethal or harmful doses of any non-breathable substances.

MVSEngineering Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and delivers the world-best on-site gas generation systems that suit all industrial requirements. All units can be tailored according to the customers’ need. If you need nitrogen for blanketing purpose, you can communicate with the sales or technical team of MVS. The team will guide you about how the systems payback and what will be the return on investment.

Friday, December 7, 2018

On-premises PSA Oxygen Generators

For many industries, where oxygen of 95% purity is required, it is recommended for these companies to replace their gas cylinder supply with MVS on-site oxygen gas generation systems. MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd., founded in the year 1977, has been producing the best oxygen generators using the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.For the medical field, pharmacopeia requirement calls for 93% oxygen and gas generation systems produced by this company are meeting the requirements of every medical institute, which require oxygen of 93% purity, around the world.

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Application of A PSA Oxygen Generator in Industries

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