Thursday, August 6, 2020

Why use Nitrogen for Blanketing?

Many industries store gases, liquids, and chemicals in storage vessels or tanks. When the material stored in the tank comes in contact with oxygen, it creates a hazardous situation. Therefore, industrialists use nitrogen blanketing to avoid the situation.

Nitrogen blanketing is a process where the user uses nitrogen for blanketing the tanks. Nitrogen is an inert and the most cost-effective gas that counters the effects of oxygen on the material that is stored in the vessel or the tank.When nitrogen is purged into the container, the material stored in the vessel does not come in contact with the oxygen. This gives a prolonged life to the product and potentially explosive conditions are eliminated.

Industries that use nitrogen for blanketing are Food and Beverage industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and petroleum refining industries. Though using nitrogen for blanketing is a simple practice used around the world, the potential of the gas in improving productivity and safety is often overlooked.

Using nitrogen for blanketing protects the personnel, products, and other assets of the plant by reducing the oxygen content in the vessel. It reduces the oxygen in the vapor space resulting in the eliminated possibility of fire or explosion, decreased evaporation and it also safeguards the tanks from corrosion. Using nitrogen for blanketing also averts the entry of moisture, air, and other contaminants in the vapor space causing product degradation.

For nitrogen blanketing, users prefer a reliable and continuous source of nitrogen. Therefore, they opt for an on-site nitrogen gas generator instead of using cylinders or dewars because of the benefits generators offer.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of nitrogen gas generators that are ideal for industries that require producing nitrogen for blanketing the vessels or tanks of their plants. The company design customized nitrogen generators as per the buyer’s demand.

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