Thursday, February 28, 2019

Efficient Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generators

The most promising option for hydrogen production from renewable resources is water electrolysis. It is a process that uses electricity to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. This process takes place in a unit which is known as an electrolyzer. Ranging from small, appliance size units to large scale units, electrolyzers are well-suited for central production facilities that could be tied directly to renewable or other non-greenhouse-gas-emitting forms of electricity production.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Electrolysis of Water

Water electrolysis is a process in which water is decomposed to give oxygen and hydrogen gases due to the passage of electric current through it.

The most plentiful element available in the Universe is Hydrogen but the gaseous state of hydrogen has to be manufactured as it does not naturally occur on Earth. To produce H2 in an extensive amount, industries use a process called steam reforming that separates hydrogen and carbon atoms from hydrocarbon fuels.

H2 is widely used in the laboratory for applications like Gas Chromatography as a fuel or carrier gas and ICP-MS as the collision gas. It is also used in the chemical industry to synthesize methanol, ammonia, and cyclohexane. In the food industry, it is used for hydrogenation of oils to form fats.

Working of water electrolysis type Hydrogen Generators

Electrolysis of pure water is an extremely difficult process but it is the best method to produce high-purity hydrogen.

The principal element of water electrolysis type hydrogen generator is the electrolyzer where the electrolysis reaction takes place. In the electrolyzer, there are two electrodes known as a cathode and an anode. These electrodes are separated by the ion exchange membrane. When electricity is supplied to the electrodes, these electrodes separate the source (water)  into hydrogen and a byproduct that is not utilized by the generator. By adding a small number of ions make the process executes effortlessly. At maximum places, there are sufficient minerals in H20 that the conductivity of water or its iconic strength is adequate for the effective occurrence of electrolysis without any requirement to add extra ions to the water.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Manufactures and offers hydrogen generators in American collaboration with Proton OnSite. These systems offer hydrogen of purity 99.99% and directly at 15kg/cm2g pressure. These systems are simple, reliable and provide a continuous supply of hydrogen as and when required. Contact MVSEngineering to get more choice for any air and gas solution for your industrial purpose.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Benefits of Nitrogen Generators

Do you know that the major part of the air we breathe is Nitrogen? Every living being on this planet needs oxygen to survive but oxygen is merely 21% present in the air. The biggest part of the air is nitrogen i.e. 78%, the remaining part is tiny amounts of other gases. Although living beings do not use this nitrogen it is extremely helpful in numerous industrial applications.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Oxygen generators for different kind of applications

On-site oxygen generators systems are machines that let the users produce oxygen gas gor atmospheric air. O2 generators are based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology and are used with an end goal to provide oxygen in hospitals and other healthcare services. PSA technology based oxygen generators are dependable and minimal effort systems for all type of oxygen generation.

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Nitrogen for food processes

Nitrogen gas has several uses in retail food and services establishment. Its liquid form is used as a freezing agent in food preservation as well as preparation of rapid freezing of foods, to chill beverages rapidly and to process dry herbs. In the preservation of frozen foods, where mechanical means are unavailable, dry ice is the best thing to use. Liquid nitrogen and dry ice, both things are used for their smoke effect in food & beverages to enhance the presentation and consumer appeal.

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