Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Is it Safe to Use NEL’s Proton Hydrogen Generator?

Many industrial workers understand the value of switching from gas cylinders to an on-site hydrogen gas supply from Proton PEM hydrogen generators. On-site generators offer an uninterrupted, pure and a safe supply of hydrogen gas as opposed to gas cylinders. Industries that do not need large facilities can simply avoid investing in gas generators by installing affordable and ultra-safe MVS on-site Proton PEM hydrogen generators. Companies can install Proton hydrogen generator and plumb it into different processes. That way they can receive a stream of gas at the flick of a switch, anywhere in the building.

Making sure that everything is safe is the most important thing that any company needs to take care of while producing thousands of liters of hydrogen gas each day. Industries can reduce both the explosive potential and the amount of time and money spent handling heavy, dangerous cylindersby replacing gas cylinders with a single proton hydrogen generator that only produces gas only when it is necessary and are 100% safe to be used.

Proton Hydrogen generators based on Proton Exchange Membrane or PEM technology, supply a safe, ultrahigh-purity alternative to high-pressure gas cylinders in the lab for carrier and fuel gas utilization, most often in gas chromatography. These generators come in different operating voltages, purity levels up to 99.99999%, and flows up to 4800 cc/min at pressures from 0 to 60 psig to let the user customize a solution that best suits their needs.Proton’s range of industrial generators supply hydrogen for up to 30 Nm3/hr hydrogen flow from a single unit at a pressure of 30 bar(g). Proton generators are compact, requiring less space so it will save your space too.While the hydrogen itself is ultra-pure at the outlet of the electrolyzer, further purity is achieved by passing the wet gas through a dedicated dryer. You will find that  proton hydrogen generators are used in several industries, including environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical, and forensics. Due to hydrogen’s flammability, the importance of safety features is paramount, namely, automatic detection of low water, over pressure, and electrolyte leaks, as well as automatic shutdown.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with NEL, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Proton PEM hydrogen generators.If you need any gas generator for your industrial purpose, you can simply contact them through the contact details given on their websites and state your requirements and the company will come up with the best gas and air solutions for your process. Visit to contact them!

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